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Replacement kitchen doors vs Full kitchen refurbishment

When deciding you want a new look for your kitchen, you have 2 options. Do you replace the doors on your kitchen cabinets, or do you strip the whole lot and start from square one?

We know what we'd recommend, but we'll go through the benefits and you can decide for yourself.

The benefits of replacing kitchen doors

  • The cost of replacing kitchen doors is about half as much as with cabinets
  • Takes a lot less time than replacing the cabinets as well
  • Your kitchen is still usable throughout the process
  • You can do it yourself, so no added labour costs
  • You don't need any special DIY skills

Cost of replacing kitchen doors

When opting for replacement kitchen doors, the cost varies, depending on the size of your kitchen and the door you decide on. Also take into account that you may want to go for soft-closing hinges.

There is no answer set in stone for this question, there are many possibilities, styles of doors, sizes, accessories and more, but a small sized kitchen can start at around £350. A typical, average sized kitchens can start at around £500 and you’re looking close into the thousands for large kitchens - pretty good for a brand-new looking kitchen if you ask me. Replacing your kitchen doors can increase the value of your home as well, so not only can you look at your brand-new kitchen for years to come, but you can look at it as an investment.

In comparison, completely replacing your kitchen cabinets with new cabinets starts at around the £2000 mark for small kitchens. So, by replacing your kitchen doors, instead of ripping out your kitchen cabinets, you’re saving over half of your money. That’s without the labour costs that come with replacing your cabinets too (which can cost £180 per day).

Time it takes to replace kitchen doors

Getting a whole new kitchen installed can take weeks, and during that time you are without a kitchen and may not have access to cooking facilities. Although, a take-a-way every night for a few weeks sounds good, your body as well as your bank account won’t be very happy.

On the other hand, replace just your kitchen doors and you can complete the job in a day or two. Can’t get any time off work? No problem. You’ll still be able to access your kitchen so no need to rush the job. Take your time, get on the tools after work for a few days in the week and you’ll have it done in no time. Or replace your kitchen doors on the weekend and you’ll have a new, stylish kitchen by Monday – perfect!

Is it easy to replace kitchen doors myself?

If we can do it, anyone can!

Not by any means do you need to be a specialist in DIY to replace your kitchen doors, it’s easy. Even if you do get a little stuck, ask a family member, friend or even search the internet for some ‘how to’ videos. If you can put together a piece of IKEA furniture, you’ll have no problem fitting some doors to your kitchen cabinet.

You can even purchase some handy accessories to make replacing your doors even easier and less time consuming. The handle drilling jig makes it easy to  accurately mark handle hole positions easy.

If you are interested in a brand-new, stylish kitchen look by replacing your kitchen doors, then take a look at our Kitchen door ranges today.

For any advise or help call on 0333 335 5714 or email [email protected].

Date: 29 November 2022