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How to measure my Kitchen Doors

How to measure Kitchen doors?

  • Using the back of the door (as it will be completely flat), measure (in millimeters).
  • Measure from top to bottom (for the Height)
  • Then the distance from left to right (for the Width).
  • Its essential to measure your door rather than your unit that the door will go onto, this is because doors are always a few mm smaller than the unit.
  • See ‘Why is my door smaller than my carcass/unit'

How do I measure my hinge holes?

  • Measure from the Top or Bottom of the door to the centre of the related hinge hole in millimeters. 
  • If You are having a Top hung door, you will need to measure from Left to Right.
  • We offer a 'Hinge Hole' drilling service for your convenience as well as precision, which corresponds with standard Hinges (allow additional day for this service).
  • Hinge hole drilling is 35mm x 13mm deep at only £2 per door -(Available in product options)

 How to Measure For Hinge Holes

Which way my door is hung?

  • The best way to find out the orientation is to imagine the door is closed on the unit.
  • Whichever side the hinges are on (whilst you are facing the door) is the side it is hung from.

Which way is my Door Hung?

J Pull Handle less Design – Important Info

J Pull Design


  • If you have chosen a Handleless ‘J- Pull’ Style door :

 You will need to choose if your J-Pull is for a Wall or Base unit.

If it’s a BASE UNIT DOOR – the J Profile shown above, will be at the top of the door in the correct position to pull the door open.

BASE UNIT - J Pull orientation TOP

WALL UNIT- J pull Orientation BOTTOM

If it’s a WALL UNIT DOOR the J profile will be at the bottom of the door – again for the correct position to open the door.

 J Pull Design - Handle Orientation

Why is my door slightly smaller than my carcass/unit?

This is for a reason* See Diagram Below:

  • Each door will be 2 mm smaller either side for door clearance.
  • The door is slightly smaller to allow for opening clearance, so the doors don't make contact when opening or closing.
  • (Although you can slightly adjust the hinges to adjust any uneven gaps) still allowing a few millimetres for clearance.

Door Size v's Unit Size

Door Size v's Unit/Carcass Size

Can you make doors in bespoke/Custom sizes?

Yes click made to measure button then, Use the calculator on the website to get an instant quote with your sizes. 

Select ‘Custom’ From the drop down menu and enter your dimensions.

Where can I Find Drawers?

Either use the made to measure or the popular size options  

Having trouble finding your exact Drawer size?

Most of our Beautiful Range can be custom made, however be sure to check our conversion guide before ordering Custom Made, It could just be that modern standard sizes are slightly different - The Unit stays the same you can simply use a new combination.

 Old To New - Drawer Conversion

Do you supply Accessories?

Each Product has the link:  ‘Colour matched Accessories’

This link will take you to the collection of accessories for that Door.

Alternatively you can simply go to:

‘Panels, Plinths and Accessories’ at the top of the home page and select the door you would like accessories for from the drop down menu.

For example :

For the ‘Tullymore Bella Shaker’ you would select Panels Plinths and Accessories then ‘For the Bella Range’  This will direct you to the full list of accessories for that door. 

Or simply follow the link at the bottom of the product listing.

Where do I find the perfect handle to match my door?

  • We have a vast range of handles, from Gold, to Chrome, Wood to Stainless steel.

Where can I find my end panel size?

  • End Panels are purposely made over sized so that they can be cut down to suit your specific kitchen.
  • You should order the Panel or Panel(s) which would accommodate your size, and cut them down to your exact size
  • You can also purchase edging tape specifically for making good any cut edges that may be on view.

 Panels, Plinths & Accessories

Edging Tape

Do you supply kitchen units/cabinets?

Yes! We have complete range of kitchen units all fully assemble and color coordinated to the door you chose 18mm sides and shelves

Anthracite kitchen unit

Product features that make the difference:

  • 18mm thick MFC panels, 1mm ABS on leading edges
  • 8mm solid back
  • No fittings because fully assembled
  • 18mm adjustable shelves; 3 possible heights
  • Adjustable tool-less legs
  • Tool-less and adjustable hanging bracket system
  • Less time, more profit.

How do I measure up for my whole kitchen?

Step 1.

Make a Plan!

Draw a plan for your Kitchen. Then number each door and drawer front to ensure you order the correct number of doors and drawer fronts and the correct sizes.

Kitchen Plan


Your plan is a great tool to ensure that you don't forget anything.

Step 2.  List it!

Kitchen Planning

Step 3.  Use this to tick off when ordering from our website, to ensure you have everything you need for your Beautiful Kitchen!

Can you come out and measure my doors?

Yes we can -  We offer a survey service in selected areas*  If you are located within 120 miles of Newport , one of our local team can visit you to complete a full survey of your doors and what accessories you may require.  The cost for a survey is £199 and is paid in full on booking of the survey.

Call to Book survey 0333 335 5714 or email [email protected]

Do you send out paper or vinyl swatches?

You can easily order swatches of our Vinyl  - It will show you the colour options available, especially if you are undecided between perhaps two colours/shades.

We would however fully recommend ordering a sample door – as this will detail any design features, wood or grain or super gloss or super matt finishes and will fully showcase the quality of our Beautiful Doors, in real life. 

Sample swatches are Free*,  you can order a door sample for £5.99 plus delivery  for the postage and packaging.

Do you have a Showroom?

We are a online company only so are then able to pass savings on to customers.

Date: 29 November 2022