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Can I just change the doors

Is your kitchen looking a bit tired, or have you fallen out of love with your existing look? Don’t want to spend a fortune on an entirely new kitchen? Something you may ask is “can I just change kitchen doors, without the need for a complete overhaul?

The answer, luckily, is yes.

Choosing to replace your kitchen doors, while retaining the original structure is a great option if you are generally happy with your existing layout but want a bit of a makeover.

At Direct Kitchen Doors we have a huge range of replacement kitchen doors that are designed to help you to create your perfect kitchen space, without the need for a complete overhaul. From contemporary handleless designs to the most traditional of Shaker styles, you can find the perfect cabinet doors, drawer fronts or other kitchen doors that will give the heart of your home a whole new dimension.

Check The Structure

Before you start shopping for your new kitchen doors, it’s wise to check the structure of your existing kitchen carcasses are in good order. The carcass is the actual body or frame of the cupboard. Generally speaking, your kitchen cabinets should be safely fixed to the walls, with no wobbling or warped structure.

Carefully check areas such as under sinks, as these can prone to being damaged due to water leaking from the unit above, and also the ends of a run of cupboards as they tend to take the most wear and tear.

If you are happy that your carcasses are in a good and safe condition, it’s time to start looking for those new kitchen doors.


can i replace kitchen door how to measureHow To Measure For Replacement Kitchen Doors

Many kitchen doors are of a standard size, however, this isn’t always the case. Here at Direct Kitchen Doors, we have replacement kitchen doors in standard sizes, but also offer a made to measure service where we can manufacture a door to your exact specification.

Firstly make sure to count the number of doors which you will need.

Remember, you are measuring the door and not the unit! Kitchen doors are smaller than the Kitchen cabinet which they are attached to, so firstly open up the door, and measure the back of the door rather than the front. Measure the height first, and then the width. Measure in millimeters rather the centimeters or inches.


Can I Replace Just One Kitchen Door

Generally speaking, you cannot replace a single kitchen door to match your existing units. Often there will be variances between kitchen doors between each and every batch, due to the nature of their manufacturer, so finding an exact match at a later stage is unlikely.

Additionally, even if you did source a kitchen door which is the same style, in the same batch, once we start using our kitchens, the door will likely to be subjected to sunlight which can start to change the colour over time. Additionally using different cleaning products may affect colour, and makes the likelihood of an exact match extremely unlikely.


Soft Close Kitchen HingesCan I Change Kitchen Doors Myself?

 The answer is yes! replacing your kitchen doors yourself is a fairly straightforward task, although it’s important to be accurate.

Firstly you will need to remove your old kitchen doors – to do so you will firstly need to remove the doors themselves – usually by simply unscrewing the hinges. However, you then need to remove the hinge backplate from the unit.

You will then need to attach your hinges to your new door. You can re-use your original hinges, or why not check out our range of high quality soft closing hinges.

If you are looking to replace your kitchen doors, why not browse our range online – we have a huge variety of kitchen doors – from stunning acrylic gloss to traditional style doors, so you are sure to find your perfect match here.

For any advise please call on 0333 335 5714 or email [email protected].

Date: 13 October 2022